Bilmola Nex Ninja Red


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Weight: 1450±50 g
Standard Certificate: ECE R22.05 and TIS 369-2557



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Ninja is known as a spy group. During the period of changing the rule of Japan. At the same time, the ninja has been compared to Samurai. Samurai is like a warrior fighting in the foreground. While the ninjas are fighters fighting behind the scenes. In addition, it is said that some people are both ninjas and samurai at the same time. Nowadays, there are no traces of the person being a ninja. Leaving only Samurai. Bilmola took the story of the ninja to the helmet in the Nex 2020 model, using the glowing color technique to show what the ninja is best at. This helmet does glow in the dark and this is a very cool feature of bilmola.

The legendary Ninja emerged in feudal Japan as a covert group of warriors and mercenaries, whose methods for espionage and assassination behind enemy lines were regarded as dishonorable by the Samurai, who fought in open warfare. Despite this, it is said that some Samurai also operated as Ninja.

Like the Ninja themselves, there is no documented trace of their existence, leaving them as the stuff of Japanese folklore and legend.

Bilmola’s brings the mystery of these ultimate fighters to the Nex Ninja. Integral to the graphics is the glowing color technique that shines through the darkness to display the Ninja at their lethal best.


1 Shell Size
Cushion Sizes: S, M, L
Interior Liner Sizes XS-XL
Interior Circumference (cm): 53-54, 55-56, 57-58, 59, 60, 61


Shell Material: Shock Resistant Thermoplastic
Cushion Material: Expanded Polystyrene
Interior Liner: Active Air
Visor: Polycarbonate with Anti Scratch Treatment


Retention System: Stepping Lock Made from Stainless Steel SUS 304
Cushion Structure: Multi-Density
Removable Interior: Available
Visor Ratchet System: Quick Release System


Weight: 1450±50 g
Standard Certificate: ECE R22.05 and TIS 369-2557
Visor Color: Clear (STD, Dark Smoke, Iridium Rainbow)
Ventilation Number: 4 Channels

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S, M, L


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