Hero Rally Seat for XPulse 200



Flat Style Taller Seat

Rally seat is not only much taller and completely flat, but also a little more comfortable.

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The seat is comfortable as well as stylish. With a flat bench pattern, it ensures more comfort with lesser fatigue even on rough terrains

With the taller suspension and seat, you’re perched a massive 933mm high, in comparison to the 823mm on the stock bike. If you use the stock seat with the Rally Kit suspension, the height is 882mm, while the rally seat on the stock suspension sits at 878mm – both tall combinations that will take some getting used to.


  • 1. Flat bench style design
  • 2. Enhance Ergonomics
  • 3. Better seating posture with enahnced riding control on off-road
  • 4. Extra Comfort


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